The Shangchi Dialogue

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Amar Pandit

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I recently saw the latest Marvel gem “Shangchi“. 

This was the first Marvel movie (besides Black Panther) I did not sleep in. I know my daughters and all Marvel fans will hate me for writing this, but it is true. 

However, Shangchi was different, and I was wide awake throughout the movie. Well almost throughout because I dozed off for some seconds in the end.

The start and the first half had some mind-blowing action sequences, so I was hooked on early …You should watch it (even if you are not a Marvel fan like me 😁). 

By the way this is not a review of the movie, so I promise I had a point to make besides recommending this movie.

There is a powerful dialogue in the movie which is as follows – If You Aim at Nothing, You, will Hit Nothing.” 

This is such a simple but powerful one. 

3 Things go through my mind as I think about this dialogue.

a. People Aim at Nothing – Hit Nothing – Feel Safe.

b. Aim at Something and are likely to make a Mistake – To avoid making a mistake, people Avoid Aiming at something and end up aiming at Nothing.

c. Aim at Something and you Might actually Hit Something – But to hit Something, you have to go through the Pain of making mistakes and many times hitting nothing.

What are you aiming at?

Something or Nothing.