The BH Formula

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Amar Pandit

A respected entrepreneur with 25+ years of Experience, Amar Pandit is the Founder of several companies that are making a Happy difference in the lives of people. He is currently the Founder of Happyness Factory, a world-class online investment & goal-based financial planning platform through which he aims to help every Indian family save and invest wisely. He is very passionate about spreading financial literacy and is the author of 4 bestselling books (+ 2 more to release in 2020), 8 Sketch Books, Board Game and 700 + columns.

Let me give you this powerful formula that leads to Success.

Behaviour + Habits = Success

At the same time, I can rewrite this as: 

Behaviour + Habits = Lack of Success

Both are true and applicable to every area of our life and business.

Nick Murray wrote these gems in his book “The Game of Numbers.

You will not learn your way to the top of this profession. Nor will you think your way to the top. You will behave your way to where you want to go. Or you will not get there.

We all know great consistent behaviour is the key to investor success. The same rules apply to us.

While ‘behave your way’ is indeed the first critical part of the formula, the next one is equally important and actually determines how we behave. 

James Clear has written an entire book on Habits (titled Atomic Habits) and how habits are the essential ingredients for lasting behaviour change. If you want to change your behaviour, change your habits.

It’s important then to ask yourself these questions.

  • What are the behaviours and habits you need to be successful at growing your firm?
  • What are the behaviours and habits required for acquiring new clients?
  • What about BH for getting more referrals?
  • What about BH for building the firm of your dreams?   

Keep this Gretchen Rubin quote in mind- What I do every day matters more than what I do once in a while.

While I was about to end this Nano here, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this James Clear quote – “It doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you are right now. What matters is whether your habits are putting you on the path toward success. You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.