Own Your Mornings!

I had written a post on 26th January headlined “Energy Management or Time Management”. In case you missed it then, I would certainly encourage you to read it; even if you did r ….Read More

The Price of Easy

In the previous Nano, I wrote that Simple is not Easy. In this one, I write about the price of Easy. Most people don’t realize this but there is a price to be paid in doing easy t ….Read More

The Evolution of Competition

Competitive Advantage is a powerful term that every business must understand deeply. This simply means the advantage you have over your competitors. However, your competition has ….Read More

Simple is not Easy…

Simple is in Fact Hard. Sounds confusing. Let me give an example. “Eat Less and Exercise” are the 4 golden words for being fit and healthy. It is simple but how easy is it ….Read More

The Serendipity when we take ACTION!

Webster defines “Serendipity” as “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.” In short, lovely things happen to us even when we are ….Read More